“BEAT THIS”  is a self commissioned project, providing  a rare insight into the close nit world of  contemporary music Production.

The challenge is clear- make a beat/song in 10 minutes and let the audience decide who’s is best. By setting this simple parameter all producers- beginners to seasoned pro’s are on the same level. The audience has a chance to interact. Votes out of ten are cast in the comments below the video.

The programme has prove very successful, In Rock music it is easy to go and see your favourite band live whereas in electronic music it is very rare to see a truly live performance. BEAT THIS provides a glimpse of the modern producers working processes


BEAT THIS  is entertaining, educational  and  inspirational. Providing fans an insight into there idols techniques, giving tips and tricks for exisiting producers and inspiration for those who are thinking about begining a career in production.

We have had some amazing episodes- Four Tet making a track using samples purely taken from Micheal Jackson’s  Thriller gained a lot of attention massing over 200,000 views in 24hrs, Swindle choose to use his episode to showcase his incredible musicality and chicagos traxman, Spinn and Rashad all showcasing their love the classic Akai MPC sequencers are just a few of the highlights.


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